Woman Testimonials

Woman’s Stories

Women around the world have used safe methods. Here are some of their stories.

Edith, Zambia, Hongkong (2019) -Edith lives in Lusaka and she is a 26 year old mother to four children under 12 years old. “We already have four children and my husband told me that we did not have enough money to support any more. When I found out I was pregnant again I seek help to find solutions on my problems and search Hanna the seller from Philippines of the brand to see if she/they could help. There she was a very kind. I told her that I had a secret – and that no one must find out.  She told me about different options. I thought surgery sounded scary so I chose to take the tablets.  They worked really well and the she was so caring. She didn’t leave me once even if were online communication. She took good care of me and I healed well. She then told me about different ways that I could stop having children and I decided to have an implant. I’m hoping we may be able to afford to have another child in the future.”

Trang, Vietnam (2019) – lives in Ho Chi Minh City. I am 26 years old and a university student, im in second year. “I was devastated when I learnt I was pregnant this January, I am in the middle of my studies and knew that it was impossible for me to have a baby at the moment. I had learnt about medical abortion from the internet and medical professionals and found her Hanna and message her right away and she promptly reply. we transact id paid for $235 Dollars and she sent package through EMS Express, and i received my order with instructions.. I read and follow the direction carefully and it was a success. she guide me for all the time sake. I chose this abortion method because it was safer and simpler. I was scared of the pain from the surgery. I felt nothing after taking the first tablet. After taking the second tablet, I felt a bit of abdominal pain, but not much dizziness, no vomit, no fever. I had more bleeding than I would normally have with a period and had blood clots. I felt much better the following day and since then have not had any trouble. I was totally fine after one week. I was so relieved. My friends helped support me as I went through the process and I then after 3 weeks i visited my doctor to get some advice on a better contraceptive method for me. I’ve decided to try injectables.” thank you Hanna for the Help Very Well Recommended.

Thida, Cambodia (2019) -Thida (not her real name), Im 32 years old and lives in a small village in Kandal province in Cambodia. “I was desperate when I learned I was pregnant, I walked for an hour to get to Phnom Penh where my friends had told me there was a solution by the internet we saw her Hanna i think shes a good doctor who could help. She told me that since my gestation was still young, I could have two options. One was to use medical tablet and two was to do the surgical procedure but were far apart and must find a way to go to surgical hospital but i’m scared. i final decide to accept medical tablet she endorse to me, i ordered online i sent money for the last drop cents i have just to hope this will work and she sent my orders and so very happy when i received it i feel so high Hope when i receive it. I decided to use the medical tablet because it was easy and I could use it at home. A feeling of more privacy. Women can have fever or vomit after using the pills, however I was fine even though I had abdominal pain and I bled like when I have a period. It was not so painful. and after my own abortion way i rest for a weeks and go check to doctor and the doctor recommended I use some contraceptives to prevent this happening again. I am going to try the pill.”

Rahda, Saudie (2019) – “We live a long way from any town and many of us give birth at home with our local midwife helping. “A few years ago my friend died after she delivered her baby. She bled and bled and there was nothing anyone could do. It would happen like that every now and again in our village. i now ensures we all take this medicine as soon as we have delivered our baby and God willing, no-one has died after that.” thanks for the help and Hanna give us a way for the proper abortion.



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